Alin Rauta
Maker | Front-End Developer
About me
Hey there! I'm Alin Rauta.
One day I quit my job and I started learning how to program on my own. After eleven months of hustle I got my first job as a programmer.
Now I make products for people who want to learn how to program on their own.
I am passioned about making stuff. But more than that, I'm mad about making things happen and not letting things happen to me.
Feel free to share with me your coding journey or any suggestion for a project I could build to make your self-taught programmer's life easier @RautaAlin.

My thougths
I write about my journey as a self-taught programmer and anything that seems interesting. My thoughts are my own and just from my own experience.
I finally got my first programming job, now what?
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The Myths Of Learning To Code
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It’s up to you…
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My projects
I like making products that will help self-starters in programming (like myself) because I know how much it helps any encouragement.
I want to create the biggest community of digital self-taught people and help anybody to learn digital skills for free.

Get in touch
Interesting in working together or just exchanging thougths? Don't be shy and feel free to get in touch!